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Deep Water Point leverages key individuals with diverse IC backgrounds to develop winning strategies to expand business opportunities within each target agency, capture specific bids, or penetrate the IC market for new entrants.

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Charting a Course

IC Presents a Higher Barrier to Entry Than Other Agencies

The Intelligence Community presents unique challenges to companies looking to enter the market or expand their footprint. In many cases, information about business opportunities is not publicly available because of their classification, making it difficult for companies that are not already firmly entrenched. Additionally, IC agencies reveal few details about their daily operations or specific missions, often declining to meet with company representatives who lack clearances.

At the same the time, nowhere is an understanding of mission more important. Intelligence agencies are constantly pushing service and product vendors to offer innovations that deliver improvements to mission. Without adequate insight into mission needs, potential bidders struggle to discriminate themselves from the competition. Even companies with experience in one agency can find it difficult to make headway into others.

This shroud of secrecy, while necessary, creates a barrier of entry that leaves many would-be contractors on the outside looking in.

Go Beyond the Handshake

Deep Water Point has assembled a team of former government and industry leaders with decades of experience in the IC. They bring a deep knowledge of the inner workings of agencies across the community—their leadership, culture, missions, and acquisition environments.

Our long-standing and constantly evolving relationships with senior IC officials provide unique insights into the strategies of intelligence agencies, which is why companies often turn to consultants who can make those introductions. But eventually they find that shaking the hand of an agency leader only goes so far.

At Deep Water Point, we go beyond the handshake. Our experience working with and within these agencies, gives you an insider’s view of the IC and its emerging requirements. We work with you to align your services and products with those requirements and with specific opportunities.

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The Deep Water Point Difference

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Deep Impacts

Clearing a Path for Trusted Partners

Doing business in the Intelligence Community involves more than bidding on individual contracts. Success requires a deep engagement that lets a company cultivate a role as a trusted partner to IC agencies and to build a sustainable revenue pipeline.

We leverage our knowledge of the complexities of the IC environment to help identify opportunities that play to the strengths of your services or solutions, and we work with you to develop the most effective capture strategies, whether as a prime or a sub.

We can recommend teaming arrangements that strengthen your proposal—in some cases by improving the breadth of your offerings, in others by incorporating technology that serves as a key differentiator. We can develop strategies for taking down an entrenched incumbent, or for helping an incumbent hold a contract by adopting new and innovative technologies or service offerings.

Our consultants, who are well known in the IC, also can be bid as advisors on a program, providing another important differentiator in a fiercely competitive landscape.

Our broad range of capabilities and services is unmatched by any other consulting firm in the federal market.