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Deep Water Point offers a comprehensive suite of services that can be tailored to fit the needs of companies of all sizes and at various stages of maturity. Many of our clients fall into one of three categories: enterprise services firms, product companies, or small businesses.

Enterprise services firms

Enterprise services firms include systems integrators, telecommunications providers, major consultants and other large companies that typically address complex requirements, often working across multiple sectors of the federal government. These clients face fierce competition, often going up against the same bidders on program after program. We help them find their competitive edge, whether they are looking to defeat a long-time incumbent on a major contract—or to defend their position as an incumbent. Our services include:

  • Doing a deep dive on both the target agency and potential competitors, drawing on the knowledge of former agency and industry executives
  • Recruiting personnel who will bring domain expertise and name recognition
  • Conducting a Challenge Team exercise involving agency and industry executives who can pick apart a proposal and develop a strategy for making it a winning bid
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Product companies

Product companies include commercial software and hardware providers, as well as niche companies targeting federal agencies. In some cases, we help clients break into the market, helping them to identify target agencies or sectors and to develop a message that will resonate with potential customers. In other cases, we help clients that are well-established in this market but that are looking to expand beyond their initial installed base or to move into a new strategic position. Our services include:

  • Conducting a study of a company’s position in the market, including its gaps and weaknesses
  • Creating an awareness campaign that aligns a company’s message with its target customers
  • Developing a master list of high-priority potential opportunities based on defined requirements
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Small businesses

Small businesses include both technology and professional service providers, ranging in size from a few million dollars in annual revenue up to $100 million. We work with clients who want to change the status quo, whether that means maximizing their position in the small business world, making the transition to full and open competition, or preparing the company for an eventual sale or equity event. Our services include:

  • Helping to build a stronger business development team and implementing more mature BD processes and systems
  • Providing a roadmap for stair-stepping the NAICS codes
  • Working with leadership to articulate and strengthen key business differentiators
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