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Deep Water Point’s in-depth knowledge of the unique mission requirements, operating environments, and challenges of civilian agencies across government provides clients with a competitive edge.

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Charting a Course

Civilian Agencies Face a Dizzying Array of Challenges

Doing business with federal civilian agencies has never been more complex. The agencies themselves are adapting to rapid changes in how they buy, manage, and use IT, and with growing pressure to replacing legacy systems with a new generation of IT products and services. Companies must adapt as well.

The Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA), the Cybersecurity Executive Order, the IT Modernization Report, and the Modernizing Government Technology Act—each has contributed to a reordering of priorities across agencies. Additionally, strategic sourcing, shared services, and the as-a-service business model is changing where money is spent.

These changes are both significant and complex. There is no simple checklist approach to dealing with modernization, cybersecurity, and related issues. Instead, companies need to understand what these initiatives mean in the particular context of each agency and its mission. Those that fail to keep pace with these changes will soon be left behind.

Going Beyond Business as Usual

Traditional market research and consulting firms have limited value in this new environment. Their knowledge is either too broad, lacking a working familiarity with individual agencies, or too narrow, focused on a small group of agencies or solution areas.

The Deep Water Point team, which includes retired senior executives from both government and industry, bridges that gap. Whether dealing with cloud migration, infrastructure modernization, or cybersecurity, our experts understand the challenges that agencies face, and the benefits that they hope to realize.

We also understand how to translate that knowledge into concrete business development and capture management strategies. We bring firsthand knowledge of the operating environments, pain-points, and priorities of individual agencies, which provides a competitive edge when it comes to putting together teams and crafting solutions.

Whether they are just breaking into the market or looking to expand their base, we help our clients win new business by going beyond business as usual.

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The Deep Water Point Difference

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Deep Impacts

Keeping Our Clients a Step Ahead

As federal civilian agencies adapt to recent changes in IT policies and strategies, they are looking for trusted business partners who can help them meet the new mandates and fully leverage the new capabilities that have been promised.

The opportunity is there for companies that are prepared to step up, but the learning curve is steep. With our in-depth knowledge of this community, we will accelerate your ability to adapt to—and succeed in—this rapidly changing environment.

We will work with you to develop a strategic position that leads to a sustainable, growing business—both by identifying and capturing key opportunities in target accounts and by adopting best business practices that result in a higher win-rate across the board.

However the market evolves, the unmatched breadth and depth of Deep Water Point’s agency reach keeps our clients a step ahead.

Our broad range of capabilities and services is unmatched by any other consulting firm in the federal market.