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Support for Private Equity Firms

Deep Water Point is singularly positioned to support private equity firms in value creation for their investments.  Our seasoned staff of former C-level execs, business experts, and BD experts aid in the acceleration of business growth and increased value for your investments.

We have combined government and industry expertise focused on your target agency and opportunity objectives
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Charting a Course


Private equity firms looking to invest in companies in the federal marketplace face a unique set of obstacles. The complex business environment, shaped by shifting budgets, evolving missions and unusual competitive dynamics, can make it difficult for equity firms to make informed decisions about current or prospective investments.

Case in point: During the due diligence process, investors may be unable to gauge a company’s long-term growth potential because of a lack of familiarity with the business drivers and budget constraints of its key agency customers. To make matters worse, they might be relying on public information about upcoming opportunities that is either out of date or simply inaccurate.

Likewise, once they have made an investment, their lack of insight into the federal market can complicate efforts to drive growth and increase value. For example, they cannot assess a company’s strategic positioning if they do not understand the dynamics of full-and-open competition.


Deep Water Point has assembled a team of undisputed experts in the federal marketplace by drawing from the leading ranks of former executives in government and industry.

Our domain expertise in agencies is second to none. Between the Deep Water Point team and our extended network of contacts, we can provide market intelligence on individual agencies, key business opportunities, and leading industry players.

Each of our experts brings decades of experience in the federal marketplace, either as a buyer or a provider. Taken together, they offer unmatched insight into the complex dynamics of full-and-open competition—and what it takes to craft a compelling competitive advantage.

While many former government and industry executives offer consulting services, their perspective inherently is limited to the particular domain in which they worked. Only Deep Water Point has the resources to provide a complete picture.

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The Deep Water Point Difference


Deep Impacts


Our deep understanding of the federal marketplace provides private equity firms with the information they need both to make smart investments and to realize the full value of those investments.

Our insight into the competitive landscape—not just the agencies and vendors but the policies and practices that shape that landscape—means you can make investment decisions based on realistic assessments of a company’s strategic positioning.

Then our seasoned staff of former C-level executives, business experts, and business development experts can help you to manage the complexities of the federal contracting environment, while improving the efficiency of business operations and delivering better margins.

Finally, we will work with you to develop a succinct and accountable strategic plan to focus and accelerate growth—and to deliver on that plan and create increased value for the enterprise.

Our experience and expertise converge in the markets and specialty areas we serve.