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Small Business Evolution

As small businesses grow they eventually will graduate out of the set-aside contracting world and enter the fray in a full & open contracting environment. To succeed your business must be ready in all areas.  Deep Water Point is uniquely suited to prepare your business for this transition.

We have combined government and industry expertise focused on your target agency and opportunity objectives
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Charting a Course


Making the transition from set-aside contracting to full-and-open competition is not easy. In fact, less than 10 percent of small businesses succeed, and the vast majority do not even try.

The problem is that a company succeeds in the small business arena by focusing on the talents and tools needed for that environment. Full-and-open contracting requires companies to develop new disciplines in such areas as finance and accounting, human resources, and federal compliance.

Business development is a particular challenge. When one-time small businesses enter the full-and-open field, they often find that they need to put in place more efficient processes and systems and hire people with different skills and experience.

In many cases, growing businesses retain a small business mindset. Rather than re-engineer their organizations for the full-and-open world, they continue focusing on opportunities that fit their existing capabilities—and that drive less value into the business.


Wherever you are in the growth lifecycle, Deep Water Point can help. Our team has former business executives who have been through the process and know what it takes to beat the odds.

We can provide an independent, top-to-bottom assessment of your organization and its readiness to make the leap to full-and-open competition—telling you what you need to know about existing systems and processes, staffing, and governance. And we will help you leverage best business practices that address your particular challenges and requirements.

Our experts bring decades of experience in full-and-open business development. We offer services that support the full business development lifecycle, from pipeline development to account plan execution. And we can help you build a business development team with the right mix of skills and experience.

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The Deep Water Point Difference

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Deep Impacts


Without a doubt, companies graduating out of small business programs face a steep learning curve and run the risk of making costly mistakes. But our former C-level executives can accelerate the learning process and smooth the transition.

We will work with you to develop an actionable strategic plan that emphasizes accountability—and to develop the capacity to execute on that plan. That includes improving the efficiency of your business operations: We offer detailed financial analysis and support, as well as margin and competitive rate improvement programs.

Our business development experts can augment your staff on day-to-day tactical work, even serving in leadership roles. We also can help you navigate the full-and-open contracting environment, identifying the right opportunities and appropriate contracting vehicles.

But ultimately our goal is to help you build a business development engine that operates more effectively and generates more revenue—and to cultivate a mindset that is geared toward growth.

Our experience and expertise converge in the markets and specialty areas we serve.