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Executive & Strategic Support Services

For your business to thrive and reach the next level it must be imbued with best business practices and be highly efficient. Our independent assessment of your business and our skilled ES3 team will help get you where you want to go.

We have combined government and industry expertise focused on your target agency and opportunity objectives
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Charting a Course


Sooner or later, the fiercely competitive nature of the federal marketplace forces every small or mid-sized business executive to confront the weaknesses of their organization, no matter how successful they were in the early going.

Small or mid-sized businesses, especially in the services arena, can set themselves apart from the competition through a combination of inspired leadership and deep subject matter expertise. But to take a company to the next level—to accelerate growth or position the company for a merger or acquisition—requires a different approach.

The problem is that inspired leadership is no substitute for good business management. To derive more value from their business, companies must adopt proven practices in such areas as business planning and development, contracting, accountability, and compliance.

For many small businesses, the next logical step is to shift revenue from set-aside contracting to full-and-open competition. But it’s a daunting task, requiring a significant realignment of business operations.


The Deep Water Point team includes a broad mix of former C-level executives from small, mid-sized and large firms who understand what it takes to succeed in this market.

They know how to make that transition from a small to large business, or to sell a business at maximum value. The team includes experts in the full spectrum of business disciplines, from HR, finance, and contracting to business development, operations, and governance.

With decades of experience in this market, our team members also bring deep knowledge of the federal business environment, including the unique challenges of federal compliance requirements. And they have firsthand experience of the competitive landscape around agencies and sectors across government.

Taken together, this expertise positions Deep Water Point to offer CEOs what they need most: An independent, top-to-bottom assessment of their business and how they can achieve their long-term goals.

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The Deep Water Point Difference

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Deep Impacts


The goal of our Executive & Strategic Support Services is to help our clients achieve their goals—to translate an honest assessment of their operations into an actionable strategic plan to increase the value of the business.

For example, we work with small businesses not just to help them graduate from set-aside programs but also to identify critical business discriminators that enable them to build sustainable businesses in the full-and-open market.

In many cases, our clients have a clear vision for their company but are held back by a lack of essential business disciplines. We help them to instill best business practices that improve their operations in the short term and that position them for long-term growth or future acquisition.

But it’s not just a matter of establishing better processes to improve efficiency. It’s about creating a culture that increases value through growth and innovation.

Our experience and expertise converge in the markets and specialty areas we serve.