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Deep Water Point knows from experience that the key to winning federal business is successful capture management. Our clients hire us to help them increase their win rates.

We have combined government and industry expertise focused on your target agency and opportunity objectives
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Charting a Course


In the long run, success in the federal market is not built on individual contract wins but on the development of a capture management strategy that accelerates growth by improving the efficiency of the capture process and increases the win rate.

Most companies bidding on federal contracts have a win rate of less than 50 percent. The problem is that successful bids depend on having an in-depth understanding of a target agency—its mission requirements; its existing environment, in terms of current technologies, processes, and strategies; and the pain-points they are trying to address.

Many companies lack the breadth and depth of agency experience to support the volume and diversity of bids needed to expand their market penetration and grow their business. They also struggle to differentiate themselves from the competition, especially as they go up against the same players day after day.

Inevitably, even as these companies pour more money into capture efforts, their win rates suffer.


The Deep Water Point team includes more than 175 former government and industry subject matter experts covering 40 agencies across civilian, defense and the Intelligence Community. On day one, they bring the kind of deep agency insights—what we call client intimacy—that companies can spend years trying to develop.

But our experts bring more than legacy knowledge. They remain actively engaged with key IT and acquisition officials in the federal IT community, maintaining an extensive network of connections that provides on-going situational awareness at individual agencies. Based on this knowledge, they work with clients to craft and articulate solutions or strategies that give them a compelling competitive edge.

Recognized as thought leaders, they also play an influential role in helping agencies understand the solutions and services that can help them achieve their goals—eventually giving shape both to how requirements are defined and how proposals are evaluated.

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The Deep Water Point Difference

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Deep Impacts


Deep Water Point’s capture management expertise helps clients position themselves for long-term success.

That begins with increasing their win rate. Our clients see their win rates rise above 50 percent, with even higher rates when we are deeply and consistently engaged—in one agency, our client win rate exceeds 75 percent for mega-value bids.

We also help our clients improve the maturity of their capture processes. Each of our capture management leaders have a minimum of 25 years of experience, and we have distilled that experience into a unique set of best practices and tools for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of each step of the capture management lifecycle.

This lean approach to capture management helps our clients reduce their capture time and effort and cut their overhead costs—the net result being that they spend less to win more.

Our experience and expertise converge in the markets and specialty areas we serve.