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Business Development Services

Deep Water Point helps clients multiply the power of their existing business development abilities, to more readily penetrate additional agencies and programs, and ultimately create a more balanced contract portfolio.

We have combined government and industry expertise focused on your agency and opportunity objectives
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Charting a Course

Moving from Pipe Dream to Pipeline

Companies do not succeed in the federal market by winning individual contracts. They succeed by developing an agile business development practice that provides continuous insight into quickly evolving market trends and emerging opportunities.

It is a formidable challenge. Federal agencies often release information about upcoming opportunities, and a number of firms make a business of tracking procurement data and public announcements. But the wealth of information often clouds the issue, leaving companies in the dark about the viability of key market sectors and individual opportunities—e.g., what’s real and what’s funded—making it difficult to effectively manage their business pipelines.

Companies also find that even the best proposal will fail if it does not reflect an in-depth understanding of the customer’s environment and their key business drivers. Even before a final solicitation hits the streets, agencies look for potential bidders to demonstrate their domain expertise and grasp of details.

Speed is essential to success, both in winning individual opportunities and in building a sustainable federal business. The more quickly that companies can identify and assess viable opportunities, the better prepared they will be to respond with compelling proposals on a consistent basis.

Actionable Intelligence for a Critical Competitive Edge

At Deep Water Point, we recognize that business development is not just an art but a discipline. We have developed proven, repeatable processes for each stage of the business development lifecycle, from strategy development to account plan execution.

These processes are based on a unique blend of government and industry expertise covering the civilian, defense, and intelligence markets. With our own pipeline of more than 175 former senior government executives, we understand the missions, goals, and business drivers that shape opportunities in individual agencies and sectors.

And our industry experts, each with decades of experience building and growing federal business, understand how to translate that information into actionable business intelligence that provides a critical competitive edge.

We offer a full range of business development and consulting services that can be tailored to address your business objectives.

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The Deep Water Point Difference

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Deep Impacts

Instilling Discipline for a More Reliable Pipeline

Business development has a complex lifecycle, with processes that begin long before a solicitation takes shape. We help you accelerate your revenue growth by reducing the time it takes to gain insight into a particular agency or opportunity, to develop and execute on an account strategy, and to convert opportunities into a focused, reliable pipeline.

This is the difference between the art and discipline of business development. The art of business development is about crafting a competitive solution and a compelling proposal. The discipline of business development is about following proven practices that increases a company’s win probability across its portfolio of opportunities. Both are necessary, but it is the discipline that makes it possible to build a sustainable federal business.

In some cases, that involves making difficult decisions about which business not to pursue. We will work with you to focus your business development strategy on opportunities that play to your strengths and market differentiators—and that help you achieve your business goals.

Once you have identified your key opportunities, our subject matter experts, with their deep client understanding, will help you develop a strategy to engage in dialogue with potential customers and to shape a solicitation that effectively delivers on program requirements.

By accelerating your access to market and to revenue, you will achieve both increased revenue overall and better ROI on your business development activities.

Our experience and expertise converge in the markets and specialty areas we serve.