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Law enforcement organizations have diverse missions and characteristics with many technology-specific needs and there are high-level similarities they share that need to be understood by clients who seek success in this area.

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Charting a Course


The federal law enforcement community, which includes dozens of agencies, presents a daunting challenge for IT companies, even if they already have had some success in the market. The problem is that each agency has unique requirements based on its place in the law enforcement hierarchy and the demands of its particular environment.

In responding to an opportunity, it is not enough to have a strong technical proposal. A company needs to understand how that solution addresses the specific needs of the agency—and the solution must be framed in terms that resonate with that agency. It’s not just a matter of technical expertise: It’s a matter of credibility.

Likewise, companies bringing innovative solutions to market often find themselves at a loss of where to begin. They lack the broader context needed to understand where in the law enforcement community their solution could make a difference, and they lack the network of contacts needed to get their solution in front of the right people.

Without this kind of in-depth knowledge, the federal law enforcement market can be impenetrable.


Deep Water Point’s cadre of retired law enforcement executives provides companies with an understanding of the community that is both deep and broad.

Our subject matter experts bring a working familiarity with the mission requirements, operational environments, and key decision-makers at individual agencies across the federal law enforcement community. They understand the pain points that agencies need to address, and the business drivers that shape their IT investments.

This domain knowledge is complemented by technological expertise. Our technology experts, veterans of the law enforcement IT industry, understand how to craft solutions that meet the often complex needs of law enforcement agencies—and that speak to the concerns of mission, operational and IT leaders.

Our experts, from both government and industry, continue to play a vital role in the law enforcement community. They stay connected with thought-leaders and decision-makers across the agencies, and contribute to the on-going conversation about the future of IT in law enforcement.

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The Deep Water Point Difference

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Deep Impacts


Deep Water Point helps companies to clear the obstacles that make it difficult to achieve sustained success in the federal law enforcement community. Above all, this means eliminating the guesswork.

The combination of our in-house expertise and our deep reach into the community gives you a competitive edge at every step of the process—from identifying potential business opportunities and drilling down into program requirements to putting together bids that deliver high value and exceed those requirements.

We also help you to cultivate relationships for future business. These connections will enable you both to understand the forces that shape this market and to influence those forces by educating potential customers about new and emerging solutions and strategies.

And succeed breeds success. As you develop a comprehensive understanding of the law enforcement community, its culture, and the barriers to entry, you will further accelerate your ability to deliver solutions to market.

Our broad range of capabilities and services is unmatched by any other consulting firm in the federal market.