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From the foxhole to the VA hospital, to Medicare and Population Health, health IT has proven itself as a means to leverage health resources across a wide sphere of activity. As a growing and critical health initiative, companies who invest in this area will expose themselves to a broad range of opportunities that will continue to grow at nearly 5.6% annually.

Understand the pain points in federal health IT
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Charting a Course

Injecting Innovation into Federal Health Care

Market analysts say the health IT field is growing 5.6 percent annually, as the healthcare industry seeks tools and strategies that can help improve the manageability, efficiency, and quality of care.

But the federal health IT market is complex, requiring companies to develop an understanding of unique technologies, missions, and competitive environments. The complexity is exacerbated by constantly shifting legislative and regulatory requirements and the associated web of mandated systems and processes.

Federal health agencies are looking to adopt commercial solutions, but vendors who are new to the market often find it difficult to determine where the opportunities are and how much they are worth. Even if a company has won business with one agency, they likely will find moving into another agency involves another steep learning curve.

We Operate on a Different Level

The Deep Water Point team includes a wide array of government and industry subject matter experts who can address the different dimensions of the federal health care field.

We pair business development and capture teams with doctors, health IT specialists, and informatics specialists, as well as experts in individual agencies. This multi-disciplined approach provides you with a comprehensive view of the federal health market—not just the upcoming opportunities but the technology, policy, and regulatory issues that shape the health IT environment in each agency.

And our extensive network of contacts in government and industry provides insight into the competitive landscape—helping our clients identify both potential competitors and potential partners.

We know what is happening, where it’s happening, and who the key decision-makers are. No one else comes close.


The Deep Water Point Difference

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Deep Impacts

Prognosis: Improved Outcomes

Our deep knowledge of the federal health care environment gives our clients a competitive edge in the market—not just in identifying and winning individual opportunities but in building a sustainable health IT business.

Our multi-disciplinary approach allows us to work with our clients to develop converged solutions that address the pain points of federal health agencies. Based on your specific value proposition, we will help you identify relevant initiatives or specific opportunities that are worth pursuing.

Each step of the way—from developing a business development strategy to managing the pipeline—our health knowledge expertise helps you accelerate your business. It’s a complex market, but the upside is clear: The complexity creates a wealth of opportunities for companies that rise to the challenge.

Our broad range of capabilities and services is unmatched by any other consulting firm in the federal market.