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We have a robust cadre of former DOD civilian and military executives who have the relationships and experience required to successfully pursue business across one of the largest federal departments.

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Charting a Course

A Daunting Market to Navigate

The size and complexity of the defense market potentially translates into a wealth of opportunities for a wide range of companies, from high-end services and product firms to small businesses developing highly-specialized solutions. But the size and complexity also make it a difficult market to navigate.

Much of the complexity comes from the department’s policies, procedures, budget, and priorities, which set it apart from civilian agencies. Those differences reflect the particular demands of the department’s mission, and defense organizations expect companies entering the market to bring an in-depth understanding of their operating environments.

Additionally, DOD, while talked about as if it were just one market, comprises myriad components and subcomponents—not just the military branches but the countless supporting organizations, both military and civilian. Companies need to understand the differences in culture, operating environments, and decision-making processes that are unique to different organizations.

For many companies, the full potential of this complex market is never realized.

Providing Critical Situational Awareness

The Deep Water Point team combines first-hand knowledge of DOD’s unique mission and requirements with business development expertise honed by decades of experience working across the defense market.

Our DOD experts—drawn from senior leadership of the military, supporting organizations, and industry—know how to navigate the department’s organizational hierarchy and labyrinthine rules and regulations, and how to work effectively within the defense procurement environment.

And our on-going relationships with key players across the department provides our clients with vital situational awareness, in terms of shifting budgets, evolving requirements, and operational pain-points. We help our clients position themselves to address the needs of growing market sectors and to capture specific opportunities.

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The Deep Water Point Difference


Deep Impacts

Stand Out in a Competitive Field

To compete in the defense market requires strict compliance with rules and regulations and careful attention to program requirements—but as many companies quickly learn, that in itself is not enough to succeed.

Our deep expertise in the inner workings of individual defense agencies provides our clients with a critical edge—the ability not just to meet a customer’s stated requirements but to craft a solution that advances the mission and that can stand out in a fiercely competitive field.

And our broad expertise in the department as a whole means that we can help our clients develop a pipeline of opportunities that is diverse enough to sustain and grow the business in the face of changing defense priorities and budget uncertainties.

Our broad range of capabilities and services is unmatched by any other consulting firm in the federal market.