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Government can be both a follower and enabler of advanced technology, but the use of these technologies must focus on solving real-world government problems.

We know how to turn technology innovation into a clear value proposition
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Charting a Course


The federal government is a promising market for companies developing advanced technology. Agencies are under pressure to modernize their IT infrastructure—not only to upgrade or replace outdated systems but to adopt innovative solutions that improve the efficiency, effectiveness and security of their operations.

But innovative technology alone does not guarantee success in the federal market. Companies that have flourished in the commercial world quickly find themselves bewildered by the complexities of the federal procurement environment: the labyrinthine acquisition regulations, the wide array of distribution channels and contract vehicles, and the unique mission-driven performance and security requirements of individual agencies.

They also discover the extent to which the federal IT business is driven by relationships. Agencies do not buy technology based on features and functionalities alone, but also on how that technology helps them address their particular requirements. They are looking for solution providers who demonstrate an understanding of their goals and their challenges.

Ultimately, that in-depth knowledge is as much a differentiator as the technology itself when it comes to competing in the federal market.

Nothing Artificial About Our Intelligence

Deep Water Point has assembled a team of undisputed experts in the federal marketplace by drawing from the leading ranks of former executives in government and industry.

Our domain expertise in agencies is second to none. Between the Deep Water Point team and our extended network of contacts, we can provide market intelligence on individual agencies, key business opportunities, and leading industry players.

Each of our experts brings decades of experience in the federal marketplace, either as a buyer or a provider. Taken together, they offer unmatched insight into the complex dynamics of full-and-open competition—and what it takes to craft a compelling competitive advantage.

There is no shortage of former government and industry executives offering their consulting services. But their perspective inherently is limited to the particular domain in which they work. Only Deep Water Point provides a complete picture.

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The Deep Water Point Difference

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Deep Impacts


Our combination of executive insight, technical expertise and market know-how makes it possible to take innovative technology and begin solving real-world government problems. We can translate a technological concept into a full-fledged solution with a clear value proposition for federal IT decision-makers.

With our deep agency expertise, we can give you a real-world understanding of the problems that government is trying to solve. And with our deep contractor expertise, we help you craft solutions that address those problems.

The potential payoff goes beyond winning individual opportunities. We help our clients become an integral part of the larger ecosystem, with the opportunity to take success in one agency or sector and extend it into others. You become more than a provider of IT solutions: You become an IT expert to whom agencies look for thought leadership.

Our broad range of capabilities and services is unmatched by any other consulting firm in the federal market.