Operations is a multidisciplinary area of the business: planning, controlling and supervising the day-to-day operations of the business.

Deep Water Point’s Operations team is an integral component of the company’s ability to serve its valued clients efficiently and effectively.  The Team serves as the primary finance and contracts interface between Deep Water Point and its clients.

Ellen Fournier – Vice President of Operations

Ellen is an integral member of the senior management team, contributing to the development of the financial management strategy and the organization’s strategic goals. In addition to the strategic components, Ellen is charged with developing and implementing more sophisticated policies and procedures in both realms.

Ellen leads and manages Deep Water Point’s business operations.  The Operations Team consists of:

  • Brittany Crew – Project Specialist dedicated to DWP’s Product and Enterprise Mid-Tier Sectors
  • Bennett Finney – Controller who manages DWP’s Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable transactions
  • Ariel Glassman – DWP’s Marketing Communications Lead
  • Cinda Verbin – Project Analyst whose primary focus is to manage the onboarding process of DWP’s principals and affiliates
  • Theresa Holtzclaw – Administrator dedicated to supporting DWP’s Small Business and Enterprise Sectors