Scott O. Hastings



Mr. Scott Hastings is an executive information technology leader with 23 years of federal service, followed by 10 years as a partner in Deep Water Point. During his tenure in the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), Department of Justice, he managed a broad portfolio of functions directly supporting the associate commissioner for Management.  He was made the assistant commissioner for Records Management at the INS, during which time he implemented the portfolio of information systems that supported the creation, management and disposition of all records.  In addition he centralized over 50 million A files to storage developed in Limestone caves located in Missouri.

From there, Mr. Hastings was appointed to the position of associate commissioner for Information Resources Management with the accompanying chief information officer (CIO) title.  When the INS was restructured and moved into the newly formed Department of Homeland Security, he was appointed to be the first CIO of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  He was one of the original CIO’s in the Department and was jointly responsible with his fellow mission colleagues for standing up the Department IT support.

Finally, he was assigned the position of CIO for the US-VISIT program, which developed and implemented the ability to use biometrics in the application and issuance of travel documents used at the border to travel in and out of this country.  It became one of the most successful programs in the Department.

In 2006, Mr. Hastings retired from federal service and joined Deep Water Point as a partner. For 10 years, he has used his knowledge of the Federal Government and companies that want to increase their revenues in that market to direct and guide his clients.