Deep Water Point partners are seasoned leaders with intellectual prowess and wide government name recognition, from the highest management levels in federal agencies and contractor headquarters to Capitol Hill. Each provides out-of-the-box thinking, going beyond simple consulting, to creating true partnerships with clients, drawing from a wider perspective, including private industry knowledge and experience. They are business leaders with responsibilities for entire practices in specific disciplines, and as a result, they are successful in guiding our clients to “think better,” not just differently.

Howard Seeger image
Howard C. Seeger
Ron Bouchard
Robert Brunngraber image
Robert Brunngraber
Amy Caro
Kathleen Cowles
Debbie Dowling image
Debbie Dowling
Paul Garver image
Paul Garver
Charlie Hanley
Scott Hastings image
Scott O. Hastings
John Johnson image
John C. Johnson
Steve Kalish image
Stephen A. Kalish
Mike Mullen image
Mike Mullen
Andy Patrichuk
Andy Patrichuk
John L. Przysucha
Murray Sewell
Murray Sewell
Harry Thorsnvard image
Harry Thornsvard
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