The best measure of a strategic partner is the path they've paved for prior clients. And Deep Water Point has a proud record of accomplishment on behalf of its clients. We can point to accountable success supporting clients in diverse fields and at varying developmental phases - whether they've required expert guidance in navigating the federal market, acquiring additional resources for success, or building on an existing track record.

Here are just some of those successes:

Success Stories

Engineering Services Company
Development Phase: Growth

One of our clients contacted us to participate on a red team review of their pricing strategy. During that process, our team was able to identify deeper factors that might be affecting our client’s competitive position, and we were able to recommend targeted realignment tactics that would improve their growth prospects.

Engineering Services Company
Development Phase: Capture Management

One of our clients was pursuing a large agency RFP in the face of fierce competition and entrenched incumbents. The RFP itself wasn’t helping; its generic evaluation criteria made it difficult to identify our client’s most relevant and compelling differentiators. To win against heavy competition, our client needed a proposal that would score as high as their capabilities would allow – one that drew on experience beyond just one bid or one agency. That’s when they called in Deep Water Point.