As a result of the extensive backgrounds and experiences of our partners and principals, the Deep Water Point team is uniquely qualified to understand and address the needs of a wide range of business types. Our breadth and depth of knowledge is unparalleled. We know how to guide a multitude of business disciplines because we’ve directly lived, worked and succeeded in them.

Engineering Service Providers

While engineering service providers and system integrators are almost synonymous with government consulting today, even accomplished providers can benefit from Deep Water Point’s expert guidance.

Many providers are concentrated inside specific agencies, with their fortunes tied to the current economic and political conditions of those programs. Deep Water Point can help these firms multiply the power of their existing business development abilities, to more readily penetrate additional agencies and programs, and ultimately create a more balanced contract portfolio. 

At the same time, Deep Water Point can help a provider’s leadership team more fully develop its strategic capabilities. With these skills, providers become better suited to taking on more demanding tasks, and can attain more valued program leadership roles.

IT Service Providers

The strategic role of IT in federal agencies continues to evolve, even as overall spending flattens. Competitive advantage will go to those providers who are most able to help agencies navigate this new environment of tighter budgets, aggressive deadlines, and increasing transparency and oversight.

As a consultancy with strong IT capabilities of our own, Deep Water Point understands this infrastructure evolution from the inside, including the uniquely federal impacts of cloud, virtualization, data center consolidation, mobility and cyber security. But we go further, to help IT providers tune their own offerings so they can help federal agencies align existing business processes and infrastructure with today’s operating demands.

Business Service Providers

Financial companies, venture capital funds and investment banks are among a contractor’s most important assets, as they can leverage experience and processes developed over many relationships into helping the up-and-coming contractor evolve in ability and scope. Yet even these trusted financial partners themselves can benefit from an expert partner when it comes to managing the additional complexities of supporting a client portfolio within a federal context.

Deep Water Point is especially well suited to handling these highly specialized consulting needs. Working with the financial partner, we can help shepherd their client companies through initial government sales growth. Our seasoned consultants help each end-client build their internal capabilities and professionalize their processes, so they can win more task orders, manage each order more successfully, and become more profitable. Our ability to undertake this critical role across many companies allows the financial partner to offload what can otherwise be a time-consuming task requiring specialized expertise.

Product Providers

Most product providers enter the federal market by following a specific sales opportunity. Only after further successes – and the operating demands that come with them – does the need for a real federal strategy become apparent.

Deep Water Point can help product firms fine-tune their enterprise strategy within government by providing development services that are keyed to ongoing federal needs with wide agency acceptance, rather than the needs of just one bid, program or agency. While sometimes this fine-tuning involves core product components, more often it affects how the firm defines and delivers its service offerings. Deep Water Point is able to leverage its experience supporting companies at many different developmental phases into a proven methodology that can help accelerate the provider’s overall path to federal success.