Deep Water Point provides expertise, services and solutions that address the specific needs of business practices whether they are large, small or somewhere in between. We understand that large businesses must support multiple work environments, and value partnering with a single firm who can address the wide variety of issues that arise across different segments of the corporation. Smaller specialized firms profit from Deep Water Point’s experience because we are agile and provide productive solutions to get to them next level. Our team has achieved success for firms of all shapes and sizes. Our ability to quickly scale and pivot to meet the needs of our clients is what sets us apart from the rest.

Upper-Tier Businesses ($1B+)

To satisfy investor expectations, these firms need to consistently produce annual growth rates of 10-20% - requiring them to bid on an enormous number of large programs across many agencies. However, most of these  firms lack the internal breadth and depth of agency experience to support this challeng. Economic conditions also make it difficult to maintain a matching level of full-time capture and Business Development staff.

At Deep Water Point we act as a “force multiplier” by adding senior management to this process, along with a wide range of senior government subject matter experts with knowledge of and expertise inside target agencies. We also offer significantly lower cost and improved win probability at this scale of activity, with the ability to support multi-year contracts across many bids rather than one-bid-at-a-time work.

Mid-Tier Businesses ($100M - $1B)

The capture and Business Development resources of these firms are often strained and can’t keep up strategically with the business’ growth path. This can even become evident to the firms’ founders, as they find themselves working ever harder to cover the same ground.

Deep Water Point can act as an ally to those leaders by helping mature their firm’s overall processes and providing strategic insight specific to Business Development. The result is an ability to comfortably support significantly higher level of sales activity, and a higher likelihood for the firm graduating to the next tier.

Small Businesses (<$100M)

Many small businesses (especially those in technical disciplines) have only a limited market window to prove their business model and win first-mover advantage. Their funders increasingly expect earlier returns on investment, and aren’t interested in paying to reinvent the wheel.

For these lean start-ups, Deep Water Point offers immediate access to insight and talent that can help them win a specific contract and achieve initial financial stability. We can also field development support within certain technical disciplines such as cyber security – leveraging lessons learned across many clients to further reduce time-to-market and risk.