Part of the beauty and value Deep Water Point provides is that our team has "been there and done that." We intimately understand and appreciate the challenges current business leaders face because our Partners and Principals join us after holding and succeeding in top executive and business development positions. We bring our "lessons learned" experience to clients, and, more often than not, they benefit from our guidance beyond the project for which we are initially engaged.

Executive Leadership

C-level executives have broad cross-functional responsibility for operations, marketing, banking, legal, capture, human resources, and accounting. Beyond the day-to-day, they also have a greater responsibility – to provide vision. They must look ahead to see what lies beyond the firm’s current needs, so they can prepare the company for future success and growth.

Deep Water Point is called in by top level executives to advise on current issues as well as provide input to their  long term goals and objectives. While C-level leadership often knows what’s best for their particular firm, they also know that at times, receiving an external, qualified and trusted opinion can provide the keys needed to reach the next level.

In this role, we can:

  • Connect clients to the business resources they need, when they need them
  • Improve their strategic growth by reducing tactical distractions
  • Gain cross-function abilities beyond their team’s current skills and needs
  • Free their ability to win from current business conditions

For owners and investors, we can provide new ways to:

  • Realize target valuations faster with fewer dedicated resources
  • Reduce business risk in an uncertain market
  • Directly associate business development, capture and marketing investment with business outcomes
  • Move at the speed of opportunity

Business Development

Deep Water Point recognizes the substantial challenges business development professionals are tackling in this quickly changing federal market place. Our team listens to the issues at hand, contributes specific knowledge of certain accounts, and then works side by side with BD management to apply the necessary intelligence requird to  increase opportunity win probability.

In this role, we can help clients:

  • Get out ahead of the bid by aligning their capabilities to the most desirable opportunities
  • Handle and win more bids with the resources they already have
  • Gain more consideration across more agencies
  • Level the playing field against larger competitors

Our ability to adapt development strategy at any point can help reduce our client’s capture time and effort, increase win rates, and cut overhead costs.